The realisation

It has been many months since I have made QSO’s and even longer since I have posted about them here. Over the summer months I have had a clear realisation of how radiosport and ham radio in general fits into my often hectic schedule.

For me now radio has become a seasonal pursuit, much like skiing or biking. I will never abandon it but at the same time I will not fight to make it fit to my schedule. When this happens my frustrations grow and I lose interest.

So I have decided to focus my energy around the good propagation season from September to March. My little gun station means I have to fight for QSOs and in the summer that is just not possible here. Analysing logs from the past two years has shown that I make more QSOs and work more DX in October, November and December.

If I have time I’ll still fire up the rig at other times of the year, for dxpeditions and what not, but I won’t lose faith when the log remains empty.

Now for the first of the season…bring ’em on!

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