My rig: IC-7000

My rig: IC-7000


Main TX/RX: Icom IC-7000 running 100w.

RX: Icom IC-R1500

RX: Grundig G6 for travel !


TX/RX: Homebrew 17m long vertical loop in basic delta shape with some clever folding to fit into the tight space on my high-rise balcony. It works 40m-6m with Icom AH-4 coupler. My balcony sits at 140ft aprox. The antenna works like a charm on 10m & 15m, always good reports with 100w, even on sideband.

The antenna is supported by telescopic fibreglass poles from my Spiderpole Quad kit. This allows antenna raise/breakdown in less than 30 seconds. Very important for stealth operations in a high-rise scenario!

TX/RX: AOR DS-3000a Discone RX:50MHz-3Ghz TX: 2m & 70cm. For scanning and local VHF work. It sits on an old photographic light stand

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